"Fine plotting."

Los Angeles Times

"A very well-written, fast-paced novel of cloak and dagger operations that takes part entirely in Italy with all the local color it deserves."
West Coast Review of Books


Read about it in Variety.

  • New York Times
  • BookSense
  • USA Today
  • Northern California Independent Booksellers Association

  • "This is the most blatant example of in-your-face plagiarism I've ever seen.
    There are literally hundreds of a parallels."

    -- John Olsson, Director of the Forensic Linguistics Institute,
    quoted in the
    New York Post.

  • "One 'Da Vinci' has sold millions, the other is little known. Lewis Perdue alleges the popular novel has his book to thank." San Francisco Chronicle
  • Interview on Good News Broadcasting which offers "affirming and thought-provoking, non-violent, positive news, entertainment and events in English and foreign languages." (Requires RealPlayer)


Q.  With All the bestsellers you have had, you must be rich, right?
A.  I only wish. The problem is that my publisher went bankrupt before I saw most of the money. Pinnacle Books filed for Chapter 11 in 1985 owing me about $1 million.

Q. Did Pinnacle have other bestselling authors besides you?

A. Perhaps not as many as they needed. Besides me, they had authors such as Warren Murphy and Janet Dailey who like me lost everything.

Q. How could that be? Didn't you get some pennies on the dollar?

A. Authors are unsecured creditors, at the end of the line.  There was nothing left for authors.

Q. That must have hurt.
A. Oh, yes. Suddenly, I had to go get a day job which is how I got back into technology.

Q. Is that the reason you didn't write any books from 1988 until Daughter of God came out in 1999?
A. That's the reason. I simply didn't have time.

Q. I thought the life of an author was to find time regardless.
A. It is. Not having time was just an excuse. After all, I wrote four non-fiction books during that time period. Quite frankly seeing the fruits of all my work in fiction go up in smoke made me think I didn't want to write novels any longer.
Q. But you have. Why?

A. Because it's a drive and a passion, not a job. Because my agent, Natasha Kern believed in me and eventually connected me to an editor who believed in me too, Natalia Aponte.

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