Infringement data

Please note that there are many, many similar correlations in the supplemental        
datasheets, but those have not been factored into this spreadsheet yet.        
The books are about a quest        
By an identical hero see supplemental datasheet      
And an identical heroine see supplemental datasheet      
Seeking extraordinary documents 158 73 73  
that prove the divinity of 256 175 175  
The identical sacred woman who had been wronged by the church and who is a symbol for the Great Goddess see supplemental datasheet      
The documents will "shake the foundations" of the Catholic Church." 239 226 56  
The documents are so incredible they explode 158 175 175  
The quest is launched by the murder of an art expert 11 29 3  
who is dying when we first see him in the book 3 29 3  
and who who has a very nice office 26 2 2  
The art expert is the fourth member of his group to be killed.        
The art expert is about the same age 76 79 146  
and appearance 35 28    
And knows the Hero 22 15    
The Hero is accused of the art expert's murder. 47   260  
The art expert writes his last message in his own blood. 35 35    
The message sets the hero and heroine off on their quest        
The message is an awesome religious puzzle. 234 252    
provides the Heroine a clue leading to a painting 132 55 55  
which was painted on wood 133 52 52  
whose name refers to the woman being worshipped in the book see supplemental datasheet      
The provides the Heroine with a gold key that turns NO tumblers. 139 367 367  
The golden key provides access to a safe deposit box in a Zurich Bank. 171 276 276  
The Safe Deposit box holds another a container requiring a combination 197 316 316  
The contents of the container from the safe deposit box are another puzzle that sends them on a trip to a distant place. 285 316 316  
The Quest is further complicated by a secretive brotherhood with a contentious relationship with the Vatican headed by see supplemental datasheet      
A man of the cloth who believes the Catholic Church has strayed and that his brotherhood's way is the true faith. see supplemental datasheet      
The hero and heroine are stalked by a "hulk" assassin 12 8 66  
The hulk assassin is an "educator" or directed by one. 12 8    
When the hero and heroine are desperate and being pursued by the police, they turn to a former colleague, a member of the British upper-crust 218 277    
The hero and heroine need help for the journey and turn to a shapeshifter who joins the Quest 219 221 221  
The shapeshifter is very well educated 227 39 23  
snobbish and wealthy 217 39    
The Shapeshifter manipulates the hero and heroine and see supplemental datasheet      
Also manipulates the head of a key religious brotherhood. throughout      
The shapeshifter has no compunction about killing those close to him 387 7    
The shapeshifter has an intense emotional relationship with the Catholic Church and is motivated by that. 412 73 73  
Leonardo's Codex Leicester is used to make an important plot point and the same mistake of fact is duplicated 300 18    
Key to the documents is proof the church has conducted a spin campaign to smear the Goddess in order to support the male-domination in church ranks. 37 110 110  
The actions are called a cover-up 249 317 317  
The Cover-up is necessary because Jesus was a feminist 248 205 205  
The Hero and Heroine are cornered by a lower-ranking police officer and his fear of acting without his superior causes him to hesitate and allows the Hero and Heroine to escape. 270 339    
Events force low-ranking policeman to pursue hero and heropine, but he loses them 280 343    
A dramatic scene of life and death with the hero and heroine present takes place in a rarity in Christian architecture, a round church 343 348    
The shapershifter acquires the prize from the hero and heroine 361 372 372  
When the Hero and Heroine find themselves at a loss for direction, they turn to a computer database for help 377 293    
The shapeshifter almost wins but ultimately loses the prize 424 396 396  
The Heroine herself is a descendent of and a symbol for the Goddess see supplemental datasheet      
The denoument concludes without the prize/Grail in hand and the sentiment 445 409 409  
That the physical objects are not important, but that the mystery and faith are the real prize. 444 415 415  
CORRELATION 65% all plot points present    
    and in the same order    
Pages in each book. All correlations 454 400 422  
correct for differing page numbers to        
make comparisons valid.